Run your RethinkDNS on Cloudflare Workers 

What is RethinkDNS?

RethinkDNS is a fast, secure, private, transparent, configurable DNS resolver and a firewall. RethinkDNS works like NextDNS but NextDNS has a limit of only 300,000 requests/month.

And I hear someone said that RethinkDNS will not be free anymore 🤔


RethinkDNS is open source and we can install it on Cloudflare Workers with 100k requests/day (so good!). So we will be able to use it freely without being limited like NextDNS.

Setup Github and Cloudflare

Fork this project:

Then click  Action > I understand my workflows, go ahead and enable them.

Go to tab Workers on Cloudflare dashboard and set up a custom subdomain for your workers.

Deploy your serverless application

Go to this link: and click Authorize Workers

Now go to again and you will need to enter Account ID and API Token.

Account ID:

Go to this site: and copy it.

API Token:

Go to this site: and set up like below.

After you enter Account ID and API Token, click deploy and wait for some minutes. And tada, your application has been deployed successfully.

Run your RethinkDNS

Go to this site:

It will switch to the filter management screen, choose the right filter for you. Then will output the DOH URL to copy into the browser.





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