LMT AntiMalware discontinued

I am quite sad to write this announcement. After more than 2 years, I decided to abandon the development of LMT AntiMalware.

Many changes have happened in recent times that make me feel less interested in building antimalware software, as I have to spend a lot of time on another project of mine.

LMT AntiMalware was born as a joke, a humble project that I worked on in my spare time as a senior in college. Unexpectedly, an unknown antimalware software from Vietnam has users. The success and positive comments of those who have used it have motivated me to do more, integrate new features, solve problems and translate it into many different languages.

But now that everything has changed, I do not have the security skills and time to continue developing LMT AntiMalware, which I have enjoyed and been proud of.

I want to thank all of you who have downloaded and used LMT AntiMalware at least once to experience it, who have sent me translations, who have shown me errors and recommendations, who encouraged me to keep going, and who supported me during my hard times.

If you are still using LMT AntiMalware, I think you should switch to another antimalware software. There are a lot of antimalware software out there that are much better than mine (of course). LMT AntiMalware services running on Azure will continue to be maintained as well as database updates.

Thank you all very much!






4 responses to “LMT AntiMalware discontinued”

  1. Liovânio Avatar

    One antimalware promising and already discontinued…

  2. Necatu Leonard Avatar
    Necatu Leonard

    Hello! i enjoy using you’re app even if it’s discotinued but it finds me stuff that other security free malware removes don’t. i use it an second opinion scanner first as antivirus use avg free and works very well on my laptop.Thanks one more and for giving us this awesome tool.
    i salute you from Romania

  3. betatest Avatar

    lmt antimalware is one excellent antimalware and antilogger, why discontinue?

  4. Bradly Avatar

    I hope LMT will become open source if it is not already. I’m sure another developer would love to continue to the project.

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