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  • Côn Đảo địa điểm du lịch lý tưởng

    Một hòn đảo xinh đẹp ở Việt Nam, một điểm tới vô cùng tuyệt vời cho những ai muốn khám phá vẻ đẹp kì bí, hoang sơ hay những giá trị lịch sử của ông cha ta, thì Côn Đảo chính là một trong những địa điểm quy tụ được tất cả những điều đó. […]

  • Top 10 Cross-Platform Plain Text Editors for Programmers

    When you commence programming, it will become apparent that your operating system’s standard text editor falls short of the requirements. Initially, it may not seem like a big issue, but it’s like trying to create a masterpiece with just a basic set of crayons. The text editors listed below offer powerful and efficient tools and […]

  • Top 10 Most Secure Private Search Engines of 2023: No Logs Kept

    Discover the Best Private Search Engines and Stay Safe Online. With the increasing importance of online search, it’s crucial to be aware of the threats to your privacy and the censorship of search results. This comprehensive guide aims to be the most in-depth resource available on private search engines, providing you with the latest updates […]

  • Cast YouTube from Your Phone to Your PC: A Comprehensive Guide to Enhance Your Viewing Experience

    If your media streaming device, such as a TV, gaming console, Roku stick, or other device, is on the same Wi-Fi network as your phone, a “Cast” icon will appear on your phone’s YouTube app, allowing you to instantly stream content to the device. Previously, it was possible to cast YouTube from your phone to […]

  • Discover the Best 10 Websites for Online Manga Reading

    Enjoy the captivating storylines, memorable characters, and unexpected twists of manga from the comfort of your own home. No matter where you are located, you can access some of the best manga titles online for free or at a low cost on top-rated websites. With so many options, finding the right site to read manga […]

  • Build Your Dream App without Programming: Explore 7 Online Platforms

    Gone are the days when becoming a programmer was the only option to create an app, which could take an extended amount of time to develop. Nowadays, you can use numerous no-code app development platforms to build an app in just a matter of minutes. To make it easier, we have compiled a list of […]

  • Microsoft tích hợp AI mới vào Bing

    Microsoft vừa cho ra mắt một tính năng mới trên công cụ tìm kiếm Bing, đẩy mạnh hơn sức mạnh của AI. Tính năng này sử dụng mạng neural mạnh mẽ được xây dựng bởi OpenAI và sẽ giúp người dùng nhanh chóng tìm được những thông tin mà họ cần. Trong sự kiện rạng […]

  • LMT AntiMalware discontinued

    I am quite sad to write this announcement. After more than 2 years, I decided to abandon the development of LMT AntiMalware. Many changes have happened in recent times that make me feel less interested in building antimalware software, as I have to spend a lot of time on another project of mine. LMT AntiMalware […]

  • Run your RethinkDNS on Cloudflare Workers 

    What is RethinkDNS? RethinkDNS is a fast, secure, private, transparent, configurable DNS resolver and a firewall. RethinkDNS works like NextDNS but NextDNS has a limit of only 300,000 requests/month. And I hear someone said that RethinkDNS will not be free anymore 🤔 RethinkDNS is open source and we can install it on Cloudflare Workers with […]

  • A video introducing LMT AntiMalware 6

    Free, Reliable and Powerful! LMT AntiMalware has a wide range of free features well-suited for use that covers both the usual and unusual cyber threats. It allows you to search the web safely, download clean files only, and avoid phishing attacks before they happen. Homepage: https://www.leminhthanh.me/antimalware/

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